“From a teacher’s point of view I just want to say thank you for providing my high school students with their first steps over the bridge to the world of professional improv. This has been an excellent opportunity for them to see themselves as performers outside of the high school setting and I’ve seen a real jump in their self-confidence and professionalism. I just want you to know that the gifts an event like this gives kids can last their whole lives. Thanks again!”

Dorothy Palmer, Teacher, Pine Ridge S.S


Beginners Adult Improv!

improv class 4Using improv games popularized on the TV show, ‘Whose Line Is It Anyway?’, participants will learn to trust their instincts, build on the skills of listening, connecting with people, being spontaneous, and most importantly, they will get out of their comfort zone and learn to react! It is a six week course followed by a performance. There will be a final class show which allows for a supportive audience of friends and family to witness the confidence shift in the workshop players first hand! Taught by Scott Barnes (click on “About the Instructors” for all our bios!)

Dates: Mondays, starting April 16th, 2018

Time: 7:00pm- 9:00pm

Flat Fee: $170


**NEW!!** Intermediate Improv!

workshopsIn this class we will start moving away from short form games and into character development and scene work. More challenging games are taught with a theatrical focus where we introduce the concept of “truth” in improv, silent moments, and conflict without confrontation. Ideal for those who have taken the Beginner Improv class a few times or have improv training/experience.
Taught by Adam Wilkinson.

Date: Thursdays, starting April 26th, 2018 to May 17th, 2018

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Flat Fee: $115

Advanced Improv!

???????????????????????????????Taking all we know about accepting offers, character, and building scenes from the Beginner’s class, the Advanced Improv class let’s us explore more about creating more 3 dimensional characters, focusing on scene work that is relationship rather than on games. More attention to “Long form” improv is in this class, which takes on more of a theatrical feel, allowing the improvisers to explore longer scenes, how to carry a scene on your own on stage, and advanced games. This class is ideal for actors and anyone with a base of improv.
Participants will have a final show on one of the main stages. Taught by Adam Lloyd Wilkinson.

Date:  TBA


Flat Fee: $170

Stand-up Level 1:

Stand Up Level 1: The goal is to build a five minute monologue.
In six weeks the student will learn:

– How to construct a joke
– The three main parts of a joke
– The seven types of jokes
– How to pick topics to write jokes
– The number one trigger of laughter
– How to write a “Top Ten List”
– Mic technique and stage presence
– How to memorize a set list

Prerequisite: None. This is an introductory course that teaches the basics of stand up comedy. Previous experience is not necessary. Taught by Jim McAleese (see our “About Instructors” page).

Dates: Wednesdays, starting March 14th, 2018

Times: 7pm-9pm

Cost: Flat fee $170

Stand-up Level 2:

(By invitation from the instructor)

The goal is to expand the student’s monologue from 5-20 minutes to the level of a professional opening act.
In six weeks the student will learn:
– How to break in new material with the current act
– How to turn insights and opinions into jokes
– How to get more laughs per minute with toppers and tags
– How to file material as it goes through various stages of development
– How to determine when new material is ready to be tried out on stage
– The four types of jokes TV talent scouts and club bookers look for: incongruity, comedic irony, recognition, act outs
Prerequisite: Successfully complete Level 1. Students with at least one year’s experience in stand up are also eligible but most provide a five minute filmed set in front of a live audience that illustrates knowledge of basic stand up comedy skills.

Dates: TBA

Times: 7pm-9pm

Cost: Flat fee $170


TV/Commercial & Film Acting workshop

This workshop will take you through all the basics of acting on camera, from stepping into the audition room (where to stand, what to say, how to prepare) to getting into the room (how to find an agent, building your reel and resume, finding work on your own). Each week you will have time to practice your craft on camera, working with TV and movie scripts, commercials, and a little improv, to make you “audition ready”! Taught by Stephanie Herrera.

Dates:  TBA

Time: 7pm to 9pm

Flat Fee: $170


Class Details:

Our regular classes are 6 weeks in length. *Workshop fees are non-refundable, class credit can be uptained up to 72 hours prior to the first class. All credit must be used within the year and are applied to classes of the same value.   Classes run on a minimum enrollment, register your spot by e-mail: or call (647) 899-3342

We aim to accept all registrants but we follow policy direction from our Board. We are unable to register persons with needs greater then we can support.