Why you shouldn’t be nervous in an audition

On March 30th, 2014, Durham Improv hosted its first Guest Expert Series. This is where I call on my most talented and knowledgeable friends, from the show business world, and have them trek out to teach Durham folk…for a discounted rate. We were so lucky to have Malpass Park (Marjorie Malpass and Stephen Park) come […]

A great man came out of my uterus last night

On stage in Peterborough, in the “Impros vs. Joes” improv show, I find myself standing on stage as a deep voiced, chain smoking, Mary Magdaline checking out a virgin who is considering my services, when a man begins to squeeze through my legs and that man happens to be Peter Wildman from the legendary group […]

Where in the world can we improvise?

I was going to write a tyrant on how impossible it is to find a good location for an improv show in Durham,  but after typing my heading…I want to talk about something completely different! Finding the ideal location (a lot of free parking, a safe area, a place where a lot of people go […]

I know how Justin Beiber feels!

What a thrill and honor to have an article written about you! Interviews that give you an opportunity to express your thoughts on your work, your aspirations, your goals and, in my case, my craft in general….then the paper comes out. Okay, I talk fast, I will be the first to admit that, but do […]

Why Mom told you to “Think before you speak”

I am one of those people who ends up with a foot in my mouth…and sometimes one in my ass, for not following this sage advice from dear old mom.  However, I’m also considered a quick wit, saying things that delightfully surprise even me. The concept of “think before you speak” is, in theory, a […]